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With the Ring in gold, it's time to take your night out to the next level. — Rare and beautiful, this Oliver Weber Ring is a symbol of love and commitment. The perfect gift for your significant other, you can't go wrong with this stunning piece. — If a picture is worth a thousand words, what about a gem? This piece of Oliver Weber's award-winning jewelry is designed to capture the light and bring it in for a close-up. The gold plating on this sterling silver ring (now available in 14K gold) shows off the zirconia stone, drawing your attention to the sparkle. — The Oliver Weber Collection is the perfect choice for fashionable celebrations. Our classic, modern, and timeless gold designs come in a variety of cuts and can be customized to suit your style. From our popular Night Out to our one-of-a-kind Birthday ring, we have something for any occasion, large or small. — Ring, a new and stunning jewelry design by Oliver Weber. Made of durable sterling silver and gold plating, with a beautiful array of crystal options. Perfect for any occasion! — The Oliver Weber Collection is perfect for any occasion! This beautiful ring is embellished with a gold plating, and is the perfect gift for a loved one or to wear when you're out on the town. — The Oliver Weber Collection is one of the most exquisite collections in the world. With a Handcrafted, 24-hour production process and stunningly beautiful designs, we guarantee you that no other ring will be as perfect for you as this one.

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