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    Oliver Weber has taken the stud earring to a whole new level with these stunning zirconia stud earrings. With a brushed gold plating, they are the perfect accessory to any formal outfit. Pair them with our equally elegant zirconia necklace for your First Communion or make a statement with a pair of playful Sterling Silver Studs. — Oliver Weber is a jewelry designer who has been in the industry for more than 25 years now, with a specialization in making stunning jewelry for that perfect occasion. One of his most popular product lines includes stud earrings, often referred to as first communion earrings. His sterling silver stud earrings are a great gift idea for both the young and old. — Show off your style with the latest earrings from Oliver Weber Collection. Equipped with a beautiful gold plating, these earrings are perfect for formal occasions and will show everyone you're a firecracker. The studs are great for everyday wear and the first communion earrings are perfect for celebrating this occasion.

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