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Affordable & classic, this stunning ring will not go unnoticed. The eye-catching Montana diamond is the center of attention with a perfect solitaire setting and delicate rhodium plating. This elegant piece of jewelry features a dark blue crystal that is perfect for matching any outfit. The stainless steel base material makes it durable enough to last a lifetime. — Raw, sleek and chic. The Oliver Weber Collection is designed to be a timeless classic. These rings are the ultimate in feminine looks with a sense of sophistication and originality. The dark blue Montana crystal stone with its rough surface is a true showstopper. The base material is stainless steel for an unforgettable shine. Plating material: Rhodium — From the stunning Montana crystal to the flawless stainless steel, each piece of our Oliver Weber Collection was meticulously designed to be the perfect, elegant finishing touch. Pieces range from everyday wear to formal settings, and we want you to be able to include them in your every day life. Our rings can be engraved with a personal motto or quote for a subtle reminder of your goals. — This ring is masterfully crafted with a dark blue Montana crystal, stainless steel base, and rhodium plating. With a delicate motif design that captures the eye with its shining beauty, this ring is the perfect addition to any jewelry collection.

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1.3 cm
1.3 cm
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41166L 207

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