Peace & Love movement – a collection for a good cause

War and turmoil in our world concern us all, even when our own country is not directly affected. Oliver Weber Collection wants to set an example dedicated to peace and love. Unfortunately, peace is not a given, but it is a necessity in order to shape our future. This applies in particular for the children of this generation.

The Peace & Love jewelry line represents nothing more and nothing less than the message Oliver Weber Collection wishes to convey - peace and love. The profits that the company earns from the sale of the Peace & Love jewelry collection will be donated to causes supporting and protecting children living in countries of war and conflict.

“In times of need, it is important not to close your eyes. I am glad that I can contribute to improving the general situation as part of my company and that my customers also have the opportunity to make a difference with their purchase.”
– Oliver Weber

The pieces of jewelry in this special collection were designed according to the theme; so that the symbol of peace and love is recognized at first glance and can also be shared with the outside world. Jewels may not bring peace, but they can make a statement and subtly point you in the right direction. We can all be part of a better future through small gestures – be a part of the Peace & Love movement in support of children in need.

Oliver Weber Collection is a company with a long history. For over 28 years, the company has been offering its customers high-quality jewelry at a fair and affordable price. Accessible luxury for everyone and for every occasion is our philosophy. Oliver Weber Collection now has partners in over 50 countries.

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