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    In a world where perfection is the norm, the choice to be different can be difficult. But sometimes that's what makes it perfect. That's what makes it perfect to stand out. "Ring" is unique in its design, with a mismatched zirconia stone set in a sterling silver band. The sophistication of this piece is in its imperfection. — The romantic and feminine ring is the perfect accessory for a special day. When getting married, this ring is one of the most important investments you will make in your marriage, so it's important to find the perfect ring to represent who you are as a couple. This beautiful ring is made of sterling silver and has a beautiful rosy hue that goes well with any wedding theme. — You're all set to find the perfect engagement ring, but you don't know where to start! You need something that's not too expensive, but still shows your personality. With our Rose Zirconia Sterling Silver Ring, you have time. This is the perfect starter ring that'll never go out of style! — Luxurious, with just the right amount of refinement. The Oliver Weber Collection is perfect for those who want their wedding band to be durable yet elegant, traditional yet modern. — The Oliver Weber Collection has been designed to suit any need. From the simplest band to the most intricate Claddagh, we have what you are looking for. The Ring is simple, elegant, and classic. This wedding ring is made of sterling silver with a rhodium finish and zirconia crystal stones. — A ring that symbolizes your love for the one you married. A sparkly ring with a hint of romance. — There is a time in everyone's life when they are in need of a ring that represents their union. Personalized with you and your partner's initials, the Oliver Weber Collection is the perfect symbol of timeless love. Symbols of love and eternity, this timeless design can be customized with your choice of color and crystal type.

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