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Each of our products is subject to high-quality requirements regarding the quality of production processes, raw materials and manual production. Nonetheless, each piece should be handled with care.


Treat your jewelry with love so that you enjoy it for a long time. Avoid prolonged contact with water; remove the jewelry when washing hands or swimming, as both salt and water can damage the stones and the metal.

To avoid damage, do not wear jewelry when working in the house or garden, as cleaning products, chemicals, and hard objects can damage the coating and leave scratches. Especially cleaning and washing products, perfumes, sprays and skin creams can damage the rhodium or gold coating and dissolve the glue that holds the crystals in their socket. Sweat also has a corrosive effect, so wearing jewelry while exercising is not recommended.


Keep your jewelry separate in its original packaging if possible or in soft pouches. This will prevent your favorite pieces from scratching one on another.

Once in a while polish your jewelry with a soft cloth to maintain its lustrous shine. Silver pieces might oxidize; there is no reason to panic, polishing will solve the problem.

When donning, be sure to put on your jewelry the last, it helps you to match it to your outfit, prevent scratches and you will avoid spraying perfume at your beloved jewelry, unnecessary. When changing, make sure to first take off your jewelry.


Our products are manufactured using carefully selected materials and are subject to rigorous production standards and quality controls.

We want you to be happy with our products, so Westa GmbH offers a 2 years full statutory warranty covering manufacturing and material issues for genuine branded Oliver Weber Collection products purchased from us (including our Online Shop) directly or our business partners. The guarantee only applies to damage that, in the opinion of Westa GmbH or our partners, was not caused by accident or improper use, normal wear and tear, modification, attempted to repair, negligence or failure to observe our care instructions.

In order to use our warranty service, please send us (or to the shop you purchased our jewelry from) the jewel in question together with its purchase receipt and warranty card. At our discretion, we will either repair the item or, depending on the degree of damage and the availability of spare parts; replace the item with an identical one (if any) or replace it with an item of comparable value.


It is our credo and our mission to offer beautiful high-quality jewelry at an affordable price. In addition to beauty and the latest fashion trends, the quality of our products is also very important to us.

We only use carefully selected and finest quality materials and the production processes are subject to very strict controls, while all stones are set by hand.

Although most people wear jewelry on a daily basis, only a few really know about the products they buy. Unconsciously we only compare the jewelry quality towards the price. Sometimes this is true, but often it is not. If you want to know more about our products and jewelry in general, read the information below.

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