The jewelry of Oliver Weber is made exclusively with precision cut, crystals of the highest quality on the market. Every piece of jewelry undergoes an exact quality control and all crystals are used by hand with the utmost care. The Oliver Weber Collection underscores the infinite creativity of crystals and unites them in magical combinations of light and color.

The founder

Oliver Weber was founded in 1994 in Mils, in the heart of Austria, the home of the most famous cut crystals. The brand bears the name of one of the two founders, both of whom have held management positions with the renowned Swarovski company for many years. The company Westa combines quality with perfect design and convinces the conscious customer worldwide.

The Company

From the beginning, the aim of the Oliver Weber brand was to develop a jewelry collection that enriches the crystal jewelry market with a high degree of creativity. Thanks to Oliver Weber, the boundaries between fashion and jewelery are increasingly dissolving, and the jewelry becomes part of the clothing, completing the outfit and acquiring a very special style: affordable luxury that adapts to every occasion and the most varied tastes.
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Oliver Weber

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